To secure your tickets for this years Colour Run on Saturday the 23rd of June make an equivalent donation for the cost of the tickets you require. (1 ticket €10, 2 tickets €20…)

Once the donation has been confirmed you will receive an email with your ticket numbers which can then be collected on the day of the event at the registration desk!


As a not for profit foundation we believe that there should not be a cost attached to experiencing the ocean and the therapeutic benefits of surfing and we do not charge for the service that is provided!


This means that we rely of the kindness and generosity of the community to support us in providing our service!


Each donation enables Liquid Therapy to provide a broader service. The stronger we are the greater the range of services we can provide. From wetsuits to surfboards, admin to events every little helps!


Thank you for your donation and thank you for becoming part of the Liquid Therapy family!